Valley Community Fibre Network

Built in 2008, the VCFN is jointly owned by the towns of Berwick, Windsor, and Wolfville, the Municipality of the County of Kings, the Municipality of the District of West Hants, Acadia University, and the Nova Scotia Community College. In addition to its owners, the VCFN currently serves users from the educational, health, research, and business sectors.


The VCFN serves as a high-capacity fibre-optic backbone network that connects the Annapolis Valley region of Nova Scotia with Halifax, the nearest urban centre.

The network runs through the Annapolis Valley for 186 Kilometers, spanning the distance from Halifax to Middleton. Connection points are available anywhere along the route. The VCFN provides direct fibre-optic services to business and public sector users, local and national carriers, and municipal governments throughout the Annapolis Valley area.

It operates with three distinct goals:


To provide high-capacity data communications capabilities to the organizations that are partners and owners of the network including: Acadia University, The Nova Scotia Community College, and the municipalities of Windsor, West Hants, Wolfville, Kings, and Berwick. Other public sector users such as Mount Saint Vincent University, Agriculture and Agrifood Canada, and the CANARIE Research Network also benefit from the VCFN.


To assist with economic development in the Kings-West Hants area by providing telecommunications resources that are equivalent to the services found in major urban centres in Canada. The presence of the VCFN means that resources and a competitive marketplace are also available in the Annapolis Valley.


To promote the creation of competitive, advanced services in the Valley area by providing a high-capacity backbone to local service providers.


c/o Municipality of the County of Kings
181 Coldbrook Village Drive Coldbrook, NS B4R 1B9